Timeless Dreams


Peek inside the organza curtain, kind of vibrant colors lanterns and lamps are lighting, at Sky Bar  at the Shore Club, there’s also arrangements a wooden swing. Code-Romantic-Playful, Yes, I as a happy kid sometimes, in addition Sky Bar’s PALMOJITO is my most favorite Mojito so far, it’s a dreamy venue in Miami. Yes, I will dream again.

Sunsets in South Beach


Felt like a Little Princess, I was in South Beach Miami in September 2015. I enjoyed cocktails at the Sunset Lounge in  Mondrian South Beach, while the sun was setting. There was a tropical breeze outside and moderately cool ivory color inside. For me, Journey is more than seeing of new scenery, I love to feel new colors, and listening to new harmony, it’s one of my introductory chapters.