Beauty in pure


Milos island have most beautiful beaches in Greece I think, these are different fantastic colors, scenery and water, all of nature colors likes milk and honey. Rounded all beautiful points for ocean of Milos, I had most delicious fresh fruits in the earth so far. I was having theses fruits on the boat, floating on the ocean, sun bathing, who can’t its not heavenly?  Being a girl, wonderful stay at the Artemis Deluxe Rooms  my room have wooden swing, and i could see the twinkle stars in the night sky.

Fully LOVE


Beloved island “Santorini” here I came, I was most expecting what see Red Beach and White Beach. Red beach is having Emerald water, and White Beach is having Sapphire water, both of definitely so beautiful. I enjoyed walk throw of Oia, I could see most beautiful views which are surround white and cream houses. I most recommend take spa treatment at the Canaves Oia Santorini, the best spa experience, loving there.


Clean charm


Clean charm in ancient city Athens Greece, when I reached this dream destination Athens, I wonder and also naturally walk in there. I stayed COCO-MAT Athens, which is so clean, and the hotel provides Greek Olive amenities, those are clean herbal scent. About my Versus bag, clean white and silver signs of Leo, love it. I also love such olive green sunglasses by Eyepetizer. So sunny and sky is higher than other place. Acropolis is touched my heart how miraculous are real stones. From morning to evening 24/7 perfectly express it beautiful.




Little Lotus



I visited Da Nang Vietnam in June 2017, which is an extra resort in hidden place. Teal color ocean, Enjoyable warmth, peaceful hours and tropic flowers. The lotus flowers blooms in Da Nang, it’s meaning as ascension. I love fresh COCO juice, when the daytime sunbathe have cold tropic juice, having laid on a beach cushion and see waves at the Azure Beach Lounge, Pullman Danang Beach Resort.